The first day of the game can be no less then stressfull. With so many things to juggle and balance, it can be hard to make sure your country thrives. Here are a few reccomendations that will make sure that you don't fail.

  • Set a national focus. This will insure that certain things get developed faster. Bureaucrats are reccomended because they increase your tax effiecency, making sure you get much money.
  • Your national budget fluctuates often. Do not panic if it goes down rapidly. This happens often. If you moniter it carfully and change taxes/spending, it should stabilize eventually.
  • If the budget continues to drop, raise taxes on the class that have the coolest colors, such as blue and green. If they have yellow or red, don't tax them unless neccessary. If that doesn't work, decrease national spending, especially in military. It soaks up a lot of money.
  • Try to increase relations with strong countries. If you have high enough relations, ally with them. Under no circumstances should you ever declar war on another strong nation.