Some game goals for Victoria 2 might include:

  • Making sure everyone has a job, living well and working under good conditions.
  • Encouraging capitalists in provinces that are building necessary factories can really help.
  • In the game, we could build more factories if the ones with very poor working enviornments.
  • Not to ger rid of tarrif barriers because that can cause people to lose their jobs.
  • Building a decent military in case of any intruders that might come into our country.
  • Refrain from revolts from the citizens by making sure the people are happy.
  • Keep the people happy by considering their request from the government.
  • Satisfy one group, but you're going to make the other unhappy.
  • Any group that doesn't like our choices will become a millitant.
  • Same kinds of choices will either increase conciousness or increase millitancy.
  • Gain colonies from undiscovered land far from your country.
  • Gain alliances with stronger countries in case a war does actually happen and out army gets overwhelmed.